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Brooklyn College Feirstein MFA Help


New Member
Hi. I plan to apply for Feirstein’s MFA in Cinema Arts and I’d like to specialize in producing. If I’m accepted into the program, I want to attend law school after and focus on copyright law. Unlike many applicants on this forum, I don’t want to be a director or screenwriter. I think an MFA in producing would complement law school and would allow me to help independent filmmakers get their films made. My goal is to someday work for a production company as general counsel.

Feirstein gives two writing prompts and applicants are supposed to choose one. I can’t decide but I’m leading toward the first one.

My choices are:

1. choose a feature film that you admire and explain in five pages or less what impresses you about the film in terms of production or content.


2. In ten pages or less, write an original treatment of a feature film you’d like to produce, including one page explaining why.

Thanks for your help!

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