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Especially with COVID and just not having many friends in general, I’m kind of limited on actors. Can I be featured in it? Is that allowed for me to still produce and direct it but also be a lead actor? There’s only like 2-3 actors that occur in the film.


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I don’t see why not! One of my film submissions that seemed to be everyone’s favorite had just me and my friend acting in it. My friend was the protagonist and I was a supporting role.


I dont know which school you're applying for but I really dont think thats a problem. I always submit a short film I directed in 2018, which i also acted in and they never complained. they actually asked about how i feel about acting and if this helps me to understand the work of an actor.


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Starred in my AFI video prompt and got an interview, so it prob doesn't matter - although they had no idea of knowing it was me I suppose!
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