Can I get into film school with an Incomplete Bachelors?


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Hey all,

Just discovered this website and it has been SUCH a relief to find others with the same questions and anxieties as me. I'm starting up my applications now for next year and I think I underestimated everything and really hope I get in somewhere.

So a little about me (the good and the bad):
  • I worked in corporate production for two years as as a producer
  • I traveled for a year serving as a PA on some documentaries
  • I'm planning on making a short documentary in the coming months for my application
  • I have an incomplete bachelors 92 credits out of 120 (basically two semesters shy of graduating) I also don't have the strongest GPA 2.92 - I know I should go back and finish up these credits and bring my GPA up but I really don't think I can justify it financially speaking.
I have a friend who got into dental school without finishing his bachelors, of course there's no exact formula for anything but is there a chance for me?

Chris W

As You Wish
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I'm pretty sure you need to finish your bachelors. But I could be wrong. In state public schools might be an option?

Chris W

As You Wish
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And welcome to the site! Glad to like it! :)

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