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Can you give thoughts about my SOP and script samples? (Application to FSU MFA)


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Hey guys, I'm applying at FSU for an MFA in both Production and Writing. I'm incredibly nervous as I'm only applying to FSU as its the only one within my financial limitations. I live in India so film production and writing isn't really seen as a career choice but it's the one I fell in love with. I realize my visual portfolio can't compete with most of the others considering how expensive even mediocre camera equipment is in India so I really have to make an impression with my SOP and writing samples. I'd love to hear your opinions on both of them.


  • Statement of Purpose.pdf
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  • Split.pdf
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  • In God We Trust.pdf
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Hi I briefly read your materials and there are few concerns to your writing samples.
They don't seem to be following the script format. I recommend using Celtx software for formatting it the right way.
Also, in Split, the pros seem too long and are hard to read. Mostly one paragraph of the pros should be about 1-3 lines, usually no longer than that. So you might wanna break them down and make them concisely as possible.
Hope it helps

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