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Career Opinons Advice on Graduate school plans


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Hi My name is Chay I was writing to you guys to get some feedback on my situation. I graduated from a small school in NC with a degree in broadcasting. I have a really low GPA so I don't believe it's strong enough to get in to grad school. While attending this small school we did mostly bookwork so I was not able to get hands on exprience. I particpated in two internships one in Radio and one in TV News for ABC 11. After graduation I was offered a part time job at the news station. Within 6 months I was let go due to lack of training and exprience in the field. I have been applying to different jobs in the field for about two years. I have heard nothing back I have called and sent out my resume and etc. I'm not sure what I should do now I have tried to get exprience but most jobs will not offer internships or give you exprience if you are not in school as they want to provide with school credit so they don't have to pay you. I would like to go to grad school but i'm not sure if thats a good idea seeing as I don't have the basic's down pat or the exprience to complete grad level schoolwork. I believe my resume is to weak to be considered exprience. To all fellow film and tv students what would you recommend ? What should I do ?


Figure out what path you want to take in life and why. When you make that discovery, pursue your passion with a ruthless and unwavering certainty that you can and will achieve your goal.

Don't worry about or fear your academic and professional background ... it is what it is. Fear is a passion killer, now you will let it pass over and through you.

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