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Chapman Fall 2010

@ New2you yea that's a tough spot to be in. Hopefully they will be considerate of your deadlines and inform you soon!

On Friday I looked at my web advisor and saw a CHANGE...to....blank? Ah the purgatory continues...

I'm not sure what to think, the date is updated to 5/07...but it's just blank in the decision field. The last time I heard from Chapman was when a dean called two weeks ago and we had a very short informal conversation. I'm soooooo sick that I have to wait until Monday to call and find out what that means.


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So, when my status went blank last year I called and asked about why it happened. I was told it meant I was accepted. I don't know if yours means the same thing, but...
So I called admissions today and very nice polite young lady told me that a blank screen meant a decision would be coming soon...I told her that I was pretty sure a decision of some sort had already been made, and she politely responded that it would come in the mail.

Realizing that this wasn't the person I should talk to, I politely asked her if Eva was available. Eva kept me on hold for close to 50 minutes, (or maybe five) and she told me...I'M ACCEPTED.

I'm really excited...I was really starting to think it would be another year of Banking in NY while writing screenplays at night (and sometimes at work). I can't wait to meet you people...and for those still waiting...KEEP HOPE ALIVE. For those who don't get accepted, don't let the dream snatchers win, whoever they are.



Congrats, Donald!
How long did you wait with the "Decision Pending" screen before it went blank? Starting to panic, yet again, because mine still says pending... :-/
I think mine said decision pending since late March...that's when my file was complete.

I looked in last years thread and saw they were still accepting people all the way until early July...I'm sure they're still making decisions. What did you apply for?

Sidenote, thanks NotRobertTowne, my weekend was filled with less anxiety after your post!



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If you guys are entering production design or sound design, PLEASE COME! WE NEED MORE PD AND SD!!
seriously, we need PD and SDs like California needs money!

I would like to know how many of you are entering the editing program at chapman?

I got rejected for my directing application but they asked me if i would consider editing as my emphasis?

hows editing at chapman?

any suggestions would be welcome,


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editing is fun.it is alot of work but you get alot of help from professors and you will learn. the facilities are also really good so it is pretty convenient as well.
Usually there is a ton of editors here at chapman though. If anything we need more sound designers and pd.


Congrats saintelmosfire71!

I just checked my webadvisor and it still says "file complete, decision pending" but the date had changed from 4/20 to 5/28. What does this mean?? Aaaaahhh


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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that something they thought they had actually wasn't there until the end of May... or maybe they just had it in the wrong place. Or they just didn't want your file to have a 4/20 in it.

Either way they should be able to give you an answer on Tuesday (probably closed Monday). Good luck.

Since you're a current student at Chapman MFA Screenwriting, can I ask you a few questions about the program?

Ok, my real concern is about the tuition. It's expensive. I've read some of your posts and learned you got a fellowship of 3K, so how'd you able to get it? Is that something that anyone can be qualified and just apply?

Second, how intensive is the first year? Are you required to attend full time? I mean what's the class schedule like? M-F? and from what time? I work full time and can't afford to go off work just to attend school. I guess, this is it for now and should I have more I'll just shoot you an email. Thank you very much!

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