Chapman Fall 2012 Applicants

Hey everyone, I noticed there wasn't a specific thread for Chapman applicants applying to any of the Dodge programs, so here we go!

I applied recently to Chapman for Producing (I want a Fellowship, haha) and I cannot wait to hear back.

What about you?

EDIT: For those who want to keep track (sorta) of any movement on the emphases decisions, I made a list below. Dodge says that it accepts "15-30 students per emphasis, with a yearly total being somewhere around 120...The directing and producing programs are traditionally the two most competitive programs to get into." And there are 8 emphases (assuming producing's combined). Of course, this list is an estimate-- there's a couple of people unaccounted for and not everyone knows about/contributes to Make what you will of it, but at least know, you're not alone if you're waiting to hear:

As of <STRIKE>5/25/12</STRIKE> 6/6/12 & whatever the time stamp says:

MFA Film Production
Directing : 2
8 applicants on the forums, 3 have heard, 1 interviewed, 2 will attend, 1 unsure

Cinematography : 1
5 applicants on the forums, 4 have heard, 1 has interviewed, 1 will attend, 1 will decline, 2 unsure

Editing: 0
2 applicants on the forums, 2 have heard

Sound Design: 0

MFA Screenwriting
Screenwriting : 4
10 applicants on the forums, 8 have heard, 5 will attend, 3 will decline.

MFA Film & TV Producing
MBA/MFA : 2 (accepting 5 this year)
2 applicants on the forums, 2 have interviewed, 2 have heard, 2 will attend.

Film & TV Producing : 1
4 applicants on the forums, 3 have heard, 1 will attend, 1 unsure, 1 MIA

JD/MFA : 0

MFA Production Design : 0
M.A. Film Studies : 0 &
I guess they don't come here.

Wildcards : 6
1 accepted but I don't know for what program.
5 total unsures/MIA only producing students get the fellowships?
Nice to meet you both.

@weezinsuffy: haha no I just meant that I applied by the priority deadline...which is one of the qualifiers for a fellowship. I'm pretty sure all directors are just as eligible
I turned in my application on Monday! So I hope that means I got it in by the priority deadline (only reason I say this is because even though my application and letters of rec are in, I don't know if my transcripts got there okay).

I applied for an MFA in Screenwriting.

Question for those who took the GRE: I wasn't sure about my GPA (I was basically 2.9/3.0 borderline until the end of last semester), so I took the GRE. My verbal and quantitative scores are VERY low, although my analytical writing score is a 4.0 (still low, but decent). I did, however, finish off last semester with a 3.01. My GRE scores have been sent to Chapman. Do you think they'll even look at them now that I have a 3.0 GPA?

In my opinion, I have a very strong personal statement, script sample, all of those creative required essays/portfolio list, plus 3 strong letters of rec. But a part of me still worries about my chances of acceptance because of my low GRE scores.

Chapman is my first choice, so I'm crossing my fingers!

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! On the website, it said that producing and directing emphases are the most competitive.
did you calculate your gpa for just the last 2 years? I think that's what they mean for the gre requirement...

And do you think you'll do better if you take the test again? If the answer is yes and you are REALLY worried, then take it again. If no, then don't worry about it. Breathe.

I think they'll look at everything you sent them but the hope is that they'll see potential and your strengths as well, in spite of weaknesses.

Just my .02
Oh, no. I'm not taking the test again. No way. I know it's the weakest part of my application and I just hope everything is stronger than that. From the people I've been talking to, they've said everything else is more important.

I'm just not sure how to calculate my GPA because what is included in the last 2 years (3 years for me) is a class that I had to retake from freshman year. (Long story, don't want to go into the details!) Without that class, my GPA would be in 2.9-ish range, but with the class (replacing the original letter grade, that is) my GPA is a 3.01. So... I don't know. But I'll try not to worry about it too much.

Thanks for your input/help. Good luck to you! :)
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My letters of rec aren't in, but it's not my fault! Will this disqualify me from the fellowships?

I heard they usually are only for $3,000 anyway, and they go to students who have financial need...but at the price for tuition, I think we ALL have need.

Did anyone go to film school for undergrad? Have you made any films that your proud of yet?

I studied Philosophy and Creative Writing
I don't know about disqualification, but I'd get them in as soon as possible. My recommenders were a little slow, too, but I just gave them polite reminders and firm deadlines so that my application could be complete. No one wants to feel like they were the reason your application had issues. On another site, I found a tip (although slightly humorous) about getting requests:

"I had to do this about a month ago, when I had one reference left to be received by the school. I said something like this:

Dear professor,

Thanks again for agreeing to do a reference for me. At this point, the school has let me know that it is the only outstanding item for my application to be completed. The admissions committee has indicated that they will need it by [insert date] for my application to receive full consideration.

If there is anything else that you need from me (writing samples, grades in other courses, etc.), please let me know.

I appreciate all your help and support! It's been a great encouragement to me.



site ref:
One more question (though I don't know if anyone can answer this). When I submitted my application, I checked off the box for a fee waiver/voucher. I printed it when it asked if I wanted to print a copy as well. But do I also need to send the Graduate Office of Admissions a copy of the printed voucher/waiver? I was thinking of calling the Graduate Admissions Office tomorrow since I'm not sure.
Damn - how'd you get a fee voucher? I just paid for it...


I wish I had a voucher. Also I applied for cinematography; but based on their application, but does anyone know how flexible they are about changing concentrations?


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Hey, guys. So, I missed the priority deadline for the screenwriting MFA. Is this going to kill my chances of getting accepted into the program, or do I still have hope as long as I submit the app. before the regular deadline? Thanks.


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it should not kill your chances at all. Priority deadline just means they will consider those applications first, but does not mean that they will not consider other just as qualified applicants who submit by the regular deadline. I do assume it's probably a quota for the priority which if they didn't pass, they get put into the regular deadline pool
My friend, who got her MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman in 2010, told me she applied by the regular deadline. And obviously she got in and has since graduated. So, Hannah, you should be fine. Good luck! :)
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Has everyone received their WebAdvisor login info yet? Ah, I'm so tempted to check my application status everyday haha


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lol the worst part for me when I applied was when the status went from Decision Pending to blank. I was halfway ready to freaking out. and I found out i got in for Editing.
keep checking, and don't freak out.
Yeah, I got my WebAdvisor log-in info. I'm already turning into one of those people who checks the application status everyday! Anticipating a long wait... /:
@Mike_V: haha thanks for the advice. The whole process is just nerve-wracking!
@trucherrygirl: I'm there with you, but only once a day.

And I got one of those letters in the mail saying "We're pleased to inform you...that your application is complete."

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