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once again, another week has gone by and nothing has changed. I cannot believe It's going on the 4th week of May. I was expecting to hear by May 4th at the latest...everyone I know is shocked that Chapman is doing this.
@let's do this

Still nothing here. I'm stuck on Pending and have been since March. Feeling disenchanted about the whole thing but trying very hard to keep a positive outlook.
First off, congrats to all who have been accepted. It's a huge accomplishment and it's cool for some of you to come back and offer advice. Now about how Chapman is handling admissions. Lol it's become the running joke around my household how long "Decision Pending" will be my status. I'm a priority applicant and I've been hearing "You'll know something in two weeks" for almost the past two months. If I wasn't already accepted somewhere else, I'd be pissed. I don't agree with how they're handling things though. Either accept ppl or don't. Let them get on with their lives. Best of luck to those still waiting to hear. If I am accepted for Directing (which I doubt) there will be a free spot open. I'll be sure to post for anyone waitlisted.


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In the EXACT same boat as you. Applied by March, and have been waiting ever since. I have contacted Chapman twice, and both times was informed my file was still with the committee. These committees must work 1 hour a day. This is making Chapman look really, really bad. I am getting job offers and its making it very difficult to accept any when I am STILL waiting on this program. I have gotten over the anger, and just have become annoyed with the entire process.


For those who are still waiting on decision, and seemingly getting unfulfilled promises on timing from your contact person at Chapman:
I can imagine how challenging this is.

FWIW some suggestions ...
Ask her/him whether she will find out and share with you how many slots are still open in your concentration. Then ask how many offers are still out to applicants who have not yet responded for those slots and what their deadline is for accepting or rejecting the Dodge offer. Essentially ask for as much information as possible so that you have a better basis for making decisions about job offers, other program acceptances, and etc.
Alternatively, you could ask how many slots have been filled. Based on people's best guesses of how many slots they usually accept to that concentration you can then do the math yourself and try to figure out your chances.

I know that Lets_do_this at start of this thread was counting up how many were accepted and are going, but that is only for people who get on the forum so understates things.

Finally, I'd try to get a commitment that they will email or call you with decision and NOT insist on their only sending snail mail. Welcome them into modern times.

While it is reasonable to make such a request, your contact is just the messenger and probably has little influence over the matter.

It surely does not set a good tone and foundation for what might become a 2 or 3 year life commitment. I expect that your contact will be sympathetic and do what they are able.

There are many ways to accomplish your goals in life and Chapman is just one of them.
Originally posted by lite1:

I know that Lets_do_this at start of this thread was counting up how many were accepted and are going, but that is only for people who get on the forum so understates things.
Yeah, I started a countdown on this thread, but it just keeps track of the forums, really. There is a fb group too, and there's definitely not 120 people in it, so I'm assuming there are more slots open.

I hope the waiting game ends and you all find out soon!
OK, so open question.

I worked on a pilot as a P.A. for a show that just got picked up by a cable network for 10 episodes and they want me to work on the series.

Filming starts in October/August.

I'm also working (and getting paid) as a D.P. on some VERY MODEST projects.

Going to Chapman has always been my #1 priority from the moment I realized how good a program they have, but with what I have happening here would I be better off just staying home and working as a P.A. and a low-level D.P.?

I cannot stress how much I want to go to Chapman (the bottle of anti-anxiety pills given to me last month can attest to that). But the continuous "within two weeks" deal has left me disenchanted and with a real **** it attitude.

I'm also a priority applicant.

But, rational or irrational anger aside wouldn't I be better off staying home and working instead of scrambling to literally fly across the country, find housing and funding in less than 2 months?
What is it that you ultimately want to do, Brandon? It might be good to wait, school will always be there...this opportunity may not.
I'm not sure what I "want" to do. If I could do anything I'd be a writer. But I also enjoy directing and shooting.

I applied as a directing applicant. Second choice was screenwriting.


I'd play out the scenarios and feel what seems the best for you:
1) Film series pans out and gives you likelihood of more/better paid local work. Your application a year from now is even stronger than for this year. You are more mature as a potential directing applicant.

1a) Chapman accepts this year AND you decline and share in writing why. Of course the competition will be different next year, and there are no guarantees etc. If committee has similar criteria and competition is no worse than this year and you are a stronger candidate next year then it seems likely you'd be accepted next year.

1b) Chapman declines you. You are stronger applicant next year. See what happens ...

2) Chapman accepts you and you accept.
Since you will need to get funding, and presumably would need to do so if you went a year from now - would starting to do more work on that right now (even before you know whether you are accepted) be a waste of time and effort regardless of whether you are accepted? The funding would seem to be one of the greatest challenges. Packing and moving takes time but can be exciting. There are plenty of places to live and that probably can be nailed down in a week or less if you don't have lots of unusual preferences in a rental situation.

Simplistically ... how good is the bird in the hand and the series you can be part of versus the one that is possibly in the bush.

I wish you clarity in your decision making.


My status finally changed to Decision Mailed today. Hopefully it's good news, and if not, I'm just happy to finally have an answer.


Congrats ... I'd call them immediately before everyone leaves for long weekend and try to get answer over the phone. But regardless you will know pretty soon.
Well, here I stand, June 5, three days after my wedding, and I still have no word from Chapman. Thought I would put this on here for posterity's sake, seeing as I looked at last year's forum for info. Been waiting since March 19, I'm still on pending.
Congrats on getting married! Best of luck either way. Don't get discouraged, just keep on keepin' on man!

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