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Originally posted by Derek Shoults:

I got accepted! Got a call from Krystal yesterday with the good news. Seems I'll be joining the ranks after all.

- Derek
Yes! Congrats on the acceptance, man! Glad you stuck out the wait. See you in the fb group and in the fall!

And, of course, congrats on getting married. All these new life changes, haha.


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Hey everyone,

New to the forum here but I gotta say, having applied to Chapman on February 1st and finally talking to Krystle on June 4th, I'm happy to say that I both was accepted into the MFA program and wasn't alone through all of this after all. I can honestly say I heard "we'll let you know in two weeks" for over two months. It became a running joke amongst my film friends over the "decision pending" for months and months and having to tell my friends and professors that "this should be the week" for months.

Im so glad this whole thing is over and so excited to start my career at chapman. I now have to find loans, housing, and pack all from my hometown in Rhode Island, 3000 miles away.

I really wish I found this forum a lot earlier. this process would have been easier. I hope to see a lot of you in the fall!


Here is a group that was developed three years ago for all Chapman Conservatory students/alumni. Feel free to join! Anything that is posted will notify all members of the group and will respond to many inquiries.

Good luck, everyone! I am so proud to support this school. The whole industry is watching us grow and we are making a name for ourselves.

Mike Woodward
Alumni 2012 - Film/TV Producing
Finally got an e-mail from Chapman on Friday. Attached was my decision letter.

I didn't get accepted, but I have already accepted my spot at another school, so at least I'm going somewhere!

Good luck to all incoming (and current) Chapman MFA students!


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So i'm still waiting to hear back from Chapman, Webadvisor says "Decision pending". I hope I get in, and preparing just in case...

If anyone has info on a good place to live or if anyone needs a possible roommate contact me asap. granted I don't know if i got in or not, but hopefully its any day now.


I would suggest those who applied early to call and inquire about your decision. Information can get lost along the way at Chapman.

I found out I'd been accepted when they called asking for a deposit...

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