Chapman MFA Film Production vs USC MFA Film and Television Production

A little bit of background, I was offered admission to Chapman's Film production program with an editing emphasis. Today, I found out I was waitlistef for USC's film and television production. USC has been my dream school since I was in high school and I was heartbroken when I got rejected as an undergrad. With that being said, I toured Chapman's facilities last week and was in awe. Not only are their facilities outstanding, the student body seemed laid-back and eager to help which is refreshing. Another side note, while I applied to Chapman as an editor I also have a passion for writing.

So here's some questions for fellow admits and, hopefully, grad students in the programs already:

1. What's the best thing and worst thing about the program?

2. How are the professors?

3. Do you go 5 days of week?

4. Do you have time/are you able to take classes outside of your disicpline? (I like writing and would like to continue to take writing classes even though I'm not a screenwriting grad student, is that possible)

5. What are the options like for internships and employment after graduation?

6. For those at Chapman, are there options to take television production courses or is the Film production program strictly film based?

Thank you all!

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