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I'm not so sure on how the professors would feel about the indie story, but I think the main thing I would think is if you can find a crew that can also help your vision. But I would maybe email them and ask if there are any restrictions on what stories you tell.
Actually I sent an e-mail to a professor of Dodge several days ago and soon got the reply. To be more accurate, here I quote his very words: At Dodge our goal is to teach you the language of film and how to render your vision by telling stories using images. No professor at Dodge will ever tell you what to put in your film or what to take out. That is always your decision. We only give you the skills you need to render your vision using images and dialogue. We are not in any way commercially inclined.
And he also copied some Dodge students who are female Mandarin speakers and let me feel free to communicate with them. It's very considerate.


I received a fellowship this week, but I'm still looking for ways to fund my first year, I did find a company that does loans for international students that don't have an American cosigner.. but I would only be able "use" it for the second and third year(MPOWER). does anyone here know any other company? I've been searching everywhere with no success so far :/

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