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Chapman Production Design - Creative Resume Examples?


New Member
Hey there, I'm considering applying to the production design MFA, but I'm feeling a bit confused about what to include on my creative resume.

I have not worked in TV/Film besides two PA gigs. My educational background is in fine art (printmaking, painting, public art), and design at a liberal arts college, but I've worked in marketing (in an editorial/writing capacity) since graduating (about 5 years ago). I am not worried about the design portfolio as I have plenty of work to include, but when it comes to the creative resume, I feel a bit more stuck. A list of "activities that demonstrates your creative or scholarly potential in your area of chosen specialization focusing on creative accomplishments" sounds like they want degree-specific work examples, yet they say they like well-rounded candidates and consider people without undergraduate film concentrations.

Can anyone give me examples of what your entries looked like for your creative resume?


New Member
Hi, I applied to Chapman last year and was accepted into their Production Design program. I come from an interior design and scenic design background so I included some of my work from those experiences since I did not have any experience in film.

For the creative resume, I made it coincide with the projects I included in my portfolio. In my portfolio, I included floorplans, elevations, and renderings of different projects. In the creative resume, broke up each project I included in my portfolio. First I wrote the title of that project, my position which I was the lead designer, I then included when I worked on the project and who it was for (company or a school), and then I included a quick description of the project which I talked about my role, the requirements I had to follow and the programs I used within the project which were AutoCAD, SketchUp, Enscape, and Photoshop.

Hope this helps! I was also confused about the creative resume during my application process because the example on their website is for a job in a film. But since I got accepted I am assuming I probably did it correctly. If you have questions you could also ask the Director of Production Design at Chapman his name is John Chichester.

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