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Hi everyone, I applied to two schools for production design at Chapman and SCAD, and got into both. I am still deciding which one to go to. Due to being the first person in my family to study abroad, I am still unsure about a lot of things. I want to ask, if it were you, how would you choose? I currently prefer to study Chapman. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks!
Hey! I got into production design at Chapman too. I debated applying to SCAD, but eventually decided not to because it seems like there are more opportunities at Chapman. Obviously being in Southern California is a plus, but it seems like they really value each student’s growth and help prepare them for a job after graduation. For example, they emphasize applying to the Art Directors Guild’s Production Design Initiative in the final year, and many of the PD students, if not all, have been admitted in the past few years.

If you end up accepting your admission to Chapman, let me know! It would be nice to know somebody else in the program!!
嘿!我也在查普曼進入了生產設計領域。我曾考慮申請 SCAD,但最後決定不申請,因為查普曼似乎有更多機會。顯然,在南加州是一個優勢,但他們似乎真的很重視每個學生的成長,並幫助他們為畢業後的工作做好準備。例如,他們強調在最後一年申請藝術指導協會的製作設計計劃,並且許多PD學生(如果不是全部的話)在過去幾年中被錄取。

Hi I finally decided to attend Chapman as well. I'm glad we can be classmates! Have you found accommodation?
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