Chapman University - Dodge College MFA in Film and TV Producing


Hey All,

I keep going back and forth as to whether I care to even apply for grad school, I'm just so worn out. Anyway, does anyone know if I submit my app for this program, do my recommenders also have to submit their letters by December 1st? I feel so terrible because this is a last minute decision for me and I'd hate to give them a thirteen day window to submit.

If recommenders can submit after the first then I'm going to apply and if they can't, I'm just not up to doing it right now.

**EDIT** Your letters of rec and transcripts are not due at the time of application which means your recommenders do have more time to complete their letters beyond December 1st.

However, I am still not going to apply due to the high cost of this program. Good luck to all those applying!

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Tianyu Yang

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Hi all. Just see this thread. I got the interview request for this program on 1.29 and did my interview on 2.3.

I’m not sure if the interview requests are still rolling out or not😶 hope this info helps!

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