Choosing a film school as an F-1 Student

Which school should I choose?

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University of Tampa - BFA in Film & Media Arts '19
I'm an international student that just graduated from UTampa. Unfortunately, due to Visa complications that I had during my last semester in undergrad, I was a little late to the school application game. That being said, I still rounded up a bunch of schools that were still taking applicants and applied to many of them. So far, my options are:

American University - MA in Film and Media Production (Admitted)
DePaul University - MFA in Film and Television Directing (Admitted)
London Film School - MA in Filmmaking (Second Round - Interview on July 2nd)

Mount Saint Mary's in LA - MFA Film Television & Photography (Pending)
SCAD - Grad in Film (Not Submitted)
Art Center College of Design - Grad in Film (Not Submitted)

My goal is to ultimately get into producing/directing and work on independent films or for a series, such as anything on Netflix, HBO, etc. I want to choose the right school for me that will be able to give me the tools necessary to sharpen my craft, increase my portfolio, and help me network with the right people. Due to my visa complication, I need to be able to make a choice on an initial school by July 1st so that I can get all the paperwork sorted out. Right now I'm trying to figure out whether DePaul or AU will be a better fit for me. So far I have a couple of pros and cons for both:

Pros - received scholarships, ability to study at the Prague film school for a semester, great elective courses (but can only choose 2), better "overall school" than DePaul
Cons - required courses seem rudimentary, not a lot of work in the area, no prior knowledge of film required for the MAster's program

Pros - underdog new school getting more recognition each day, great equipment and production space, study in LA for a semester and work with professionals, lots of work in Chicago
Cons - Not well known, not sure about the school overall and how it's received

I plan on applying to bigger schools such as USC, AFI, and UTexas, in the Fall semester anyway as a failsafe in the occasion I don't enjoy the school I've chosen and plan to transfer. I'd love any input y'all have for me so that I could finalize my decision as soon as possible.

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