Columbia Fall 2010


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I interviewed with Ira and Maureen.

I am 100% attending, barring some catastrophic financial collapse in the student loan program, or the offer of a free or nearly-free ride at NYU. Neither of which seem very likely.



so... i was just wondering if eric only called people who he interviewed. but i guess that's not the case.

i am just really dying to get closure and figure out if everyone who got in got a call. but i guess i just have to wait.


It seems like only a few people got calls. It may be that Eric only called people who specifically asked when the decisions would be coming out, or who had an unusually awesome interview.

Another option is that admissions files were divided among faculty to notify by phone at their discretion (I find unlikely that Eric had to make all 70 or so calls), and some just haven't had time or figure we can just wait.

Whatever the case, i guess letters are going out today so we'll know soon.


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It could also be that they only call people to whom the University is offering financial assistance, as I think everyone who got a call was offered some. They might be notifying everyone else (people who were accepted but didn't get financial assistance) via mail only.

Ira told me on the phone that official notices were being sent today and would arrive sometime next week.


Thanks Titus1, that's a very well reasoned and eloquent post. It's reassuring to see that not everyone has lost their sense of reason in the emotional fervor that these mystery acceptance calls have stirred up.


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They are aiming for a class of about 65 total, 25 of that class being creative producing.

Last year, Eric called everyone who was admitted (even those he did not interview). This year, it seems Ira is calling the Creative Producing people, which makes sense because its a new program and I imagine had a slightly different process than previously.


Guys, I had the weirdest interview in Columbia, about 2 weeks ago. After reading about the interview here, and had had two interviews in different film schools, I knew, more or less, what to expect to - a friendly conversation with the faculty staff who want to see who you are. So I was totally surprised -
at the beginning of the interview I was *attacked* by one of the interviewers regarding the material I sent. He didn't give me the opportunity to reply and accused me I didn't know how to take criticism(!). Obviously, the rest of the interview didn't go so well. I pretty much blacked out and all the answered I had prepared, totally erased out of my mind. Oh well. I don't really care, though, because I later that day I found out I had been accepted to AFI, so the hell with them :)
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Annie, please excuse my morbid curiosity but I'm having a hard time trying to visualize your interview :)

What did you do, called him/her " neat "? :D
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