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Courier Font for Columbia Film Treatment????


Hi everyone!

I'm working on an application to Columbia's Film MFA program, and I'm a bit confused about the font. At the top it says "All applicants must submit the following in 12-point Courier font." Does this mean even the one page, double-spaced treatment is in Courier? I just changed it to that from Times New Roman and the font is HUGE. If anyone knows the answer or has already asked Columbia, I'd love some advice. Thanks!


Hey a quick question. Does anyone know whether I can upload an excerpt of my feature script (not the first pages) for my dramatic writing sample? Does it have to be either a short or the first ten pages?
Hi, I think the instructions explicitly say first 10 pages of a feature script or a full short script (within 10pages length). But you might want to double check that. Best of luck!


New Member
Yeah, changing the prompt is inevitable since we have to add more details to it to make the story flow.
Seems like you worked on the third one haha I chose that one too. Not really confident with what I came up with though.
And yeah that's what I saw too when I googled "film treatment format." This is my first time writing a treatment actually so I kinda struggled a bit at first. I formatted mine into three acts at first then slightly changed it and added brief character descriptions. According to the film treatment requirements it says to "include major characters and plot developments and a clear statement of the resolution" so as long as we have those info on it we should be fine I guess. :)
Thanks for your reply! Whenever you have question feel free to share it here. I will share mine too if I have one :) good luck!
Hi! Jumping in here - I'm also using the "YOUNG GUY" prompt, and I basically wrote my own action description, but kept the specifics of what happens the same. I would hope this is okay - the. word-for-word prompt as written is kind of clunky so I wouldn't expect people to want to keep it exact.

I would love to read what other folks came up with, and would gladly share mine as well!!

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