DePaul University - MFA in Screenwriting

Degrees Offered
2 Year M.F.A.
Tuition Range
$10k to $20k


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Anyone have experience with this program? Im interviewing next week and am not sure what to expect!

Chris W

As You Wish
Staff member
I think @Operator has some experience with DePaul... He might be able to help you.


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I have no idea about the interviews. I have not been notified to schedule one. But I was told decisions start rolling out February 1st.


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I can't wait to experience the next polar vortex if I'm accepted -_- Colder than the Antarctica in Chicago right now..that's just craziness.


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Does anybody know what the acceptance rate is for the screenwriting program? I read somewhere that its about 50% for the college of CDM, but I can’t find anything specifically on screenwriting. Good luck everyone.


I had my interview about 2 weeks ago, it was 15 minutes and very informal over Zoom. I interviewed for the comedy screenwriting concentration and (not to be braggy) they told me they "hope I come to DePaul."Woo! Not sure how many interviews they're doing, but I'd expect we will all get our official emails within the next week or two.

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