Difficult road ahead - advice?

I've been wanting to explore grad programs for next year and Ive hit a few snags. In short:
- Low GPA
- No letters of rec (its been more than a decade since I was in school)
- BFA in photo, not film
- I owe money to old school through an unfortunate misunderstanding

Because I owe money (they sent collections letters to wrong address) I can't get my transcripts, I can't access my GPA, which might not even be high enough to apply and I have no letters of recommendation because Ive been out of school for so long and its from a non-film degree program.

I was going to apply for fall of next year soon, and using financial aid to cover expenses, but furloughed right now, and there's no way I can afford to pay them a few thousand dollars in the next few months. Soo, feel pretty sol about grad school in general this year and next.

Im now looking into some other shorter programs I could pay for out of pocket, NYFA, ASC Master Class and Global Cinematography Institute, but are they legitimate enough to really kick start my career, make some connections, etc?

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