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Digital Film School

The use of digital technology in film was first used in a little known movie in 1977, Star Wars directed by George Lucas. Since 1977, there have been thousands off blockbuster movies produced using digital film technology. In fact, most films today use some form of digital technology in production. Recognizing that digital technology has become an industry standard in the motion picture and entertainment industries, The New York Film Academy, one of the most innovative and recognized film schools in the world, is now offering a specialized program in digital filmmaking offered through one, four and twelve week workshops at their location in Manhattan, NY and Universal Studio locations.

Digital Film Making (DFM) is the process of blending art and technology. DFM uses advanced technology to speed up the film making process. It also allows the film maker to be even more creative and go outside the constraints of film by using advanced digital cameras such as RED HD camcorders and editing suites such as Final Cut Pro; both used by NYFA.

For more info on the program click http://www.nyfa.com/film_school/programs/digitalfilmmaking/ Digital Film School

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