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Blake Farber

New Member
Hi Film School blog!

Im a Director based in NYC, who works on many different TV Commercial projects and Music Videos all over the world. One thing I love to do is give back and help students. By giving Lectures about my career to inspire them to go out and be the best filmmaker you can be! I've given lectures at many different schools all over the place, and not only Film schools either. Would love your help if possible I can give a lecture at your school sometime in the coming semester. Perhaps you can connect me with your Professors or Program Directors.

Thank you for your time, and have a great holiday season!

-Blake Farber


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Chris W

Willem was robbed
Staff member
I'm great. Still working in TV and running this site. :) I converted the film school portion of the Studentfilms.com forums to FilmSchool.org in 2014 as that was taking over as the main draw of the site after YouTube arrived on the scene.

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