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Do I Need Different Genres for Creative Materials (Personal Statement, Video Submission, Feature Film Concept)? USC Film and Television Production


Hi everyone!

I'm working on applying to USC's Film and Television Production program, and I was wondering if I need to make sure all my creative materials focus on different genres? I'm writing about Afrofuturism and Afrofantasy for my personal statement, and my video submission is a horror/docu-horror about quarantine. I was originally going to do my feature film concept based off of a narrative I created previously about sci-fi and the re-birth of humanity on a new planet. However, I was wondering if I should actually not write about that since it is the same genre as what I discuss in my personal statement?

Basically, I'm wondering if I need to do a different genre for my feature film concept than my personal statement? I don't want to write about sci-fi and they're like "Oh, not this again she can only do one thing," but I also don't want to pick a vastly different genre like say historical fiction and they're like "Why in the world is she writing about this? I thought she liked Afrofuturism and Afrofantasy?" I also am a bit worried my horror video submission is too close to my personal statement because they're both speculative fiction?

Any advice would be much appreciated!


I’m also applying so I don’t know exactly what they’re looking for but I would think sticking to your personal vision and voice is best. If you’re less excited about the second option, go with your original. You want them to get a good understanding of who you are.

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