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Dropped Out of SCA now what


New Member
Went to USC SCA for cinema and media studies went there until I dropped out when I was a Junior. I have had 3 internships at prod co's all unpaid. I cant afford to go back to USC. What should I do if I want to still work in the film industry?
Assuming you’re in LA, most people grind with multiple jobs. This is unfortunately completely normal in LA. Split your time between the one that pays the bills and the one that is your film pursuit. Find an entry level position in film, and work your way up. I can't tell you how many actors, for example, that I've met here that work two jobs and also do freelance acting gigs. That's the LA Hustle Life.

There might be some programs available in whatever field you're interested in that are valuable mentorships. For instance, Nickelodeon does a writing program that helps prospective writers learn the ins-and-outs of kid's tv writing. Try researching the different opportunities that studios offer.

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