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Employment Opportunities after LFS graduate school


Hey everyone, As I am gearing to apply for schools in 2021. My question is how are the employment opportunities after graduate schools like LFS, UK?

To cut it short, my goal is to work in a full-time job in an advertising production house or other media production companies such as BBC & National geographic etc to name a few. I am equally interested in working in documentaries projects or TV commercial projects but as full-time employment. I am not intending to directly jump into fiction space and work on a movie sets at least for a time after the school.

Though I am not sure, how things really work out in terms of employment opportunities post-school and as being an international student I also want to know what is the scenario of overall full-time jobs in the media industry for film student (perspective) such as me in terms of staying back and eventually working towards getting a PR.

Can anyone enlighten me more on these thoughts

Note: I am aware that the whole scenario of employment is adversely affected due to Covid-19, but my question is generic regardless of the situation we are in.

Thanks in advance

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