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I know, I know. Way early to start this discussion. But I know I'm not the only one reading the accepted/rejected posts from all of the 2011 applicants and getting excited about the whole process. I would have started this discussion in 2008 if I could have.

So here we are 2012 hopefuls, our time is slowly approaching. I'm currently serving active duty in the USAF, deployed overseas and I plan to attend film school in the Fall of 2012 with a concentration in either directing/production or screenwriting. It's been a long time coming but I'll be separating soon and looking forward to chasing this dream. I've already started working on my application materials for a number of schools and programs.

Anyways, enough about me. I know there are others out there like me, so feel free to introduce yourself and tell your story. There's much more to mine but I didn't want to bore you all. I know it's still early but over the course of the year we'll all be going through the process so it might help to know that you're not alone. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

2011 applicants, is there any advice/tips/funny stories that you could share with us? Any and everyhing is appreciated. Good luck to you all.


My one big piece of advice: Do massive amounts of research into how much tuition is at the various schools and how much they give for financial aid. I took schools at their word when they told me how generous they were, but none of the top 5 or so programs give more than 10 grand at the very most - and that's if you're lucky.

Look into smaller schools that have both lower tuition and the opportunity to teach for tuition remission (which will also look great when applying for jobs afterward).


Also, for the love of God, I hope you're not using your real name as your username on these forums. If you are, change it.

I'm former active duty AF (9 years) and am still a reservist (now at 14 years). I just got accepted into Columbia's MFA for screenwriting/directing so feel free to private message me.

Also, please be aware that there have been some significant changes to the post 9/11 GI bill if that's what you're planning on using to cover tuition. For private institutions, there is now a cap of 17,500 a year on what the GI bill will cover.

It's one thing to get accepted, it's another to have the funds.
i am also a fall '12 hopeful!
whats schools are you guys going to apply to ?
and what are your stats? gpa, gre, experience?
i too share your anxiety and anticaption, so im sooo happy you started this thread!!


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lol...No "for the love of God" Randy Dufresene is not my real name. I just really like The Shawshank Redemption. Small play on words/names...Thanks for the advice and heads up though. I'm sure the hardest transition for me will be to go from having a steady job/nice paycheck to having to live like a student again (ugh!)

Congrats lynelle and emperor! I have friends that have gone to both schools and I'm certain you'll enjoy your time there. Hopefully I'll be joining one of you two soon. Doesn't look like the GI Bill will work out for me because I don't have enough time served. I am surprised to hear that it may be more expensive in NY than it is in Cali. I figured they'd be on par with each other.

Welcome lovelayme down. I was starting to think I was alone lol. My undergrad GPA really sucked (2.8) but I got my Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail with a 3.75. Haven't taken the GRE yet but I will when I get back in the states. Already signed up for a prep course. As far as experience, I've written/directed/produced a handful of shorts and I finished my first feature-length screenplay since I've been overseas. Probably the hardest thing I've ever written but I learned a lot. Schools? The usual suspects: NYU, Columbia, USC, UT, AFI, Chapman, FSU. In no particular order. Everyday I read about another school that I may be interested in and it makes the list.

What about everybody else?


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Man, I have been waiting to hear SOMETHING from fall '12 applicants.

Hello all, I'm from Mumbai, India and I'm looking at applying for a MFA Producing/Producers Program.

Also, recently found out that I am ineligible for the Peter Stark program at USC since I have a 3 year Bachelor's degree and not a 4 year one. They require me to first complete a Master's here before I am eligible for an MFA. Quite bummed but hoping that UCLA, Chapman, etc dont tell me the same thing. Don't like the idea of spending another two years in this city.

Any other Aspiring Producers out here?

Amar Mitra

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The eligibility is country specific. For INDIA, it is a 4 yr bachelor degree that they require.

I graduate this month and Im applying for MFA, Spring '12 at USC. Lets see.


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Don't be afraid of Small schools, the one on one instruction and relationships you can build with your instructor are greater than the large institiution that teach you as a number and not a person. Your education is your training to prepare you for the film industry, one on one training will benefit you and allow you better opprotunities.

-Steven Shotola
Film Major Jacksonville University
This will be my second year applying to film schools. Last year I applied to the big schools (USC, UCLA, NYU, COLUMBIA, and UT at Austin). I didn't just apply because of their reputation, I REALLY wanted to go to each one of them.

This year, I think I'll just focus on UT at Austin and Northwestern (and maybe Columbia).

By the way, I want to get my MFA in Screenwriting.
lovelaymedown--I think it may have been my personal statement. It wasn't that strong. I thought my creative materials were pretty good though. I did manage to get an interview with NYU (Tisch-Asia). The other schools flat out rejected me.

This time around, I'm changing my entire application. I'm starting with my personal statement. If I can write that and feel 110% good about it, it'll make my writing samples that much easier to write (in my opinion).


Well I logged on today in order to start a 2012 topic, only to find one ready to go. Nice to see that others are gearing up as well.

Just like FilmClassicGirl this will be my second year applying to film schools. I only applied to Columbia and NYU last year just to see what the process was like. I know I made several major mistakes, but I learned from them.

So this year I am probably going for UCLA, Columbia, as well as Chapman, Northwestern, Bard, and Miami. I am considering Cal Arts and possibly one or two of the schools in the UK.

I applied for Screenwriting last year, and I still want to do that, but I think with my business background (and MBA) that I may apply for production at UCLA because I have a strong interest in that as well.

My biggest problem is that I have no film experience except for one class I took during my MBA and that was in Media Financing. I have been sending queries and applications to local production companies, but no luck yet. Oddly it seems harder to find a job with an MBA, than without it. I may just try and shoot a couple of my shorts later this year and see how they come out.



Let us hope so FilmClassicGirl. :)
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I know it's common, but sucks to see that some of you didn't get into your schools last year. You'll definitely have the leg up on us first time applicants.

I was accepted to Cal State LA's Dramatic Writing MFA this year, but turned it down after they didn't come through with the promised amount of financial aid (because they improperly classified my graduate status). I figured if I'm going to pay, then I might as well try to pay for a higher tier school.

So this year I'll be hitting the usuals: USC (Writing & Peter Stark), UCLA, NYU, LMU (Writing and Producing for TV), NYU, and UT. I'm 23 and have been out in LA for a year now, after graduating from UC San Diego with a Creative Writing degree. I've written a few features and more pilots / sitcom specs, did PA work on some awful movies, and recently directed my first short.

I don't really have any advice, just some gripes I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered. USC's Screenwriting app has an ungodly amount of work. And NYU's Dramatic Writing page limit on TV Scripts is frustratingly low (though it's probably another little test).


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As Amar Mitra said, in India, Engineering and Architecture students have 4 year bachelor's degrees while most others are three years. I've done a Mass Media program which was three years. Well anyway, heard back from Chapman saying they accept most 3 year degrees so I will definitely be applying at least to Chapman.


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I think I'm applying to NYU's MFA filmmaking. Do any folks that were accepted last year have examples of their video submissions? I have plenty of video work, I'm wondering if I should keep it relatively short and sweet or fill up the 30 minute limit.

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