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Like all of you I am applying to schools in December. I'm sooo scared though. I read the other thread on acceptances and rejections and saw some good things and some other things that are making me nervous. It seems that many ppl on this site don't have experience in film and neither do I. But I know that I want to write and direct documentaries. I'm applying to NYU, NYFA, and Colombia College Chicago. Does anyone have any helpful advice?

Also, I've been told by two filmmakers that screened their doc at my school that it would be a good idea to take pictures, add them to a cd or cd-rom and add a soundtrack to the background. Is this a good idea? I know exactly what kind of story I could tell doing that


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Hey guys,

I see UT on quite a few of your lists. I just wanted to say I'm a current second year MFA student in production at UT, and if anyone has specific questions about the programs, or about Austin, hit me up.


Two things: Is it best to create a new 5-minute video for the video submission into USC's MFA, or can I use an older 5-minute video? And to brittack, is UT a fantastic school? It's totally affordable and I've been eyeing it a bit. I just don't know what the job prospects are like. Any information would be a big help.
Hey, all!

I'm applying for AFI's editing program. This will be my first time applying for Grad school. I graduated with a degree in Film Studies last December.

The only other school I'm considering is Chapman (I applied to Chapman in undergrad, but ended up not attending due to some family issues), but I'd really like to focus on editing from the start.

Anyone else applying to AFI for 2012? If so, which discipline?

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