Falmouth University vs Leeds Beckett vs Westminster vs LFS

So I have been browsing this site for awhile and while I know most of the reviews on here are for US based schools I need some help or some advice on some UK schools I am applying to.
A little bit about me: I am mature student (23 is apparently mature) and have already done undergraduate once. I got two BAs in Sociology and Psychology but since they offer zero job prospects I decide to follow my dreams and go to film school in England like I have always dreamed. However, I am having some trouble trying to figure out where I want to go.
So far I have gotten a conditional offer from Leeds Beckett and unconditional offer from Falmouth.

I haven't heard back from Westminster yet but have heard they have fantastic facilities and are near or in London.
London Film School is reviewing my application right now but I am highly considering them because they are a film school right in London and I they offer a MA which is probably better considering I have already done undergraduate once. However, I am highly considering Leeds Beckett and Falmouth.
Falmouth doesn't seem to have a high reputation and the area seems so small? However the facilities seem stellar. Has anyone heard anything about or is anyone attending? Is is boring? How's the night life there? Are the professors actually good?
Leeds Beckett is also attractive as well. I have heard good things but have also heard the professors constantly pit the students against each other rather then actually actively trying to create a community of collaboration. I have heard good things about the town and the facilities at the Northern Film School.
So I guess my question is does anyone attend and if so what do you think of it or any of these four places? What are there reputations? How are the professors and the culture of the schools? Is there any focus on directing at all? Job placements and career help?


hey, I know only LFS. my friend actually graduated from LFS filmmaking department. the school helped her to produce her debut short film, which got selected to numerous film festivals, including Locarno. her next short film was selected for The Directors' Fortnigh at Cannes film festival, and now she’s working on her debut feature film. she’s very pleased with her education and industry connections.


Question, what are the job prospects like for film in England? Cuz it worries me a bit to see you say that you got two Bachelors degrees, and that their job prospects didn't work out, so then you switch to a new field... except that the new field is film. I know at least in the US, the job market is pretty swamped for film.
To be honest I stopped caring about job prospects. That might seem immature but after watching my best friend with a Master's in Biology not find a job for two years and my other engineering friend not find a job for like a year I stopped thinking it was the "curse of the liberal arts major". After seeing two STEM field majors, one with a grad degree, struggle to get jobs I started thinking that maybe its just our world now. No field is "secure" right now (except maybe computers and I'd rather naw off my own arm). But to really answer your question feature film is kinda swamped too but I've been reading reports that television and tv films are a little easier to get in the UK then the US.

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