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FAMU in Prague...


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Hello. I have been researching about the best film schools in Europe and I'm interested to know more about FAMU. Do they offer English programs or are all of the classes instructed in Czech? Is it really tough getting in? Thanks,


R. Sid

From the limited information I obtained, I think the school doesnt offer English programs. And you have to learn Czech. Also heard its free for anyone in Czech. No information on international students.
Looking over the site, there doesn't seem to be an option to view in English. I translated the page and looked around and found nothing that would say they're English speaking courses. :(
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Nah, Film Schools in eastern Europe don´t offer English programs. Professors there are mostly from the area, they don´t have that many guest speakers. That´s why they´re good, after all...

The only thing you can do is take a preparation year at the school. Costs are similar to a year of studying there I guess. For FAMU and pwsftvit (Lodz, Poland), it´s worth it I think.

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