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Dear Film School Forum community,
Has anyone ever attended the FAMU International Summer Initiation Campus? I am looking at different options for Summer film intensives geared towards total newcomers. My hope is to learn how to use the visual medium to convey stories and emotions. I am writing on my own, though have more than I can know to learn in that arena as well. I live very close to New York, and from my research, the International Film Institute's 5-week intensive at Sarah Lawrence University seems to be the best fit. I am wondering, however, if anyone knows about the FAMU program, or if anyone has any advice/ suggestions in general. Many thanks!
FAMU is one of the best film schools in the world, however I´m not familiar with their summer program.

If you speak Czech and get accepted into their main program, however, you attend for free. Every year or so there is one student who learns Czech just to go there. I myself contemplated the possibility.

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