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Feedback on Collaboration Essay Ideas? USC Film and Television Production MFA Application


Hi everyone!

I'm brainstorming topics for the Collaboration Essay for USC film/tv production MFA and so far I've come up with a few ideas. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on if any of them are any good and would work?

Positive Collaboration:
1. I was the Opinions Editor for college newspaper. I once edited an essay that was both bad and problematic, and together we came up with a final product that said what they actually had meant to say all along. I learned that people all have a contribution to make, even if you can't see it at first, and they just need some guidance to blossom.

2. As Opinions Editor, I edited an essay that I did agree with, and together we came up with a version that was more clear and we'll written than before. I learned that when two people work together, the final product is always stronger.

3. Just writing about my experience on the Editorial Board as an Opinions Editor, editing many articles and us making good work together, while also helping to change the viewpoint of how to edit an article for the other board to focusing more on mutual growth and less on robotic proofreading. I learned that in a space where the leader is willing to listen (the editor in chief) the other people will follow, and my mutually coming together on our points of view we made both the articles and the publication stronger.

4. While in college was a Tutor for high school writing. I helped one of my students write her common application essays, and she sent me an email saying I changed her life. I learned that if you let people's inner creativity free, with a little guidance and structure it can become great.

5. I did a group presentation on Black maternal mortality, and we all came together to present well. My role was to figure out people's strengths and delegate parts of the assignment, acting as a sort of glue.

6. I volunteered to teach a group freshman about multicultural awareness as part of a team of other upper classmen. My freshman were very contrary and uneducated on diversity, so I merged with my team members who were teaching about peer awareness.i learned that as a group not only did we have more authority, are concepts and sessions became clearer and stronger with all of us bouncing ideas off of each other.

Negative Collaboration:
1. I was a Senior Editor for a literary/visual arts magazine (under the Editor-in-chief). The EIC had a bad attitude, made fun of people's art they didn't like, didn't delegate but then also didn't do their jobs. The culture was toxic.What I learned was if the head isn't doing it's job properly it'll poison the body and as a result the whole creative work

2. I was on the planning love for the Black Students Formal. Basically the head wouldn't delegate and despite the other members making themselves available, the creative vision got too convoluted and it all fell apart.i learned that it is important to get the creative input of others because in the end your work will become stronger for it.


Also one more idea I just got for the positive collaboration:

7. I wrote an article for the newspaper I was on the board of about a student art show (that I was also in). I collaborated with the photographer and the editor, to produce the final copy. We had to work really closely together because we had to make sure there were photos of everything I wrote and I wrote about what was in the photos, and the editor had to ensure everything was good with the people who ran the show and with the newspaper's style guide. However, each one of us had worked as a writer, editor, and photographer. I learned that a good collaboration isn't about just smashing everyone's individual parts together in the end, but working together intimately from the beginning. We weren't just relegated to our individual responsibility for that piece, but used our collective knowledge together to make the best possible product.

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