Film Location Avail-- NY State 1886 Huge Victorian House on 5 Acres


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Hello! I work in film in Los Angeles, and just bought a property near Buffalo in NY state. Huge main house built in 1886, 8 bedrooms with 9 fireplaces on 3 finished levels. Original wood paneling and stained glass windows on 5 acres of lawns & woods, also includes a smaller 1860s cottage.

It is currently unfurnished and repairs will be starting soon, but it's good to go for productions that bring their own generator/etc. Lots of parking, moments off a major highway but no noise and can't be seen. Country side is all fields and forests. 75 miles from Buffalo & Rochester, 5 hr drive from NYC and Philadelphia.

I'm just getting started and it's unfurnished, so I will work with your budget! I've worked in film for 20 years, so I understand the needs of production and am compiling lists of local vendors, etc. The Buffalo-Niagara website also has lists of vendors for gear rentals, local crew, etc. Please contact me for more info/photos. It's currently perfect for horror/suspense since there is some flaking paint and a few destroyed rooms, by next year it will be remodeled and gorgeous in a formal Victorian style. See the website for pics of renovation plans.


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