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Question for anyone/everyone...

I am applying to CSU Long Beach for the Film and Video Production Option. I have to submit a Portfolio with creative work, letters of rec, transcripts, lists of classes taken, personal statement, and critical essay. I have finished everything: for the creative work I am going to submit photos from a previous film class that are set up to look like a scene in a film (there are about 4 scenes total). My critical essay is discussing color and its significance in the film Hero. I concentrated on the meaning of color in Chinese culture and how it relates to the film and helps structure it.

The problem I am having is with the personal statement. I dont know how to start it off. What to say? And how to end?

Do I talk about why I want to go to Long Beach?
Should I start with a quote, If yes, I cant find any quote that is sort of inspirational, is there any anyone can think of?

Any ideas and recommendations would be appreciated. Also if anyone previously did a personal statement can you tell me how you structured it?
Be original.

Think of what everyone else writes "I've wanted to make movies since I could talk," etc. Be memorable - original. Say something they haven't heard before.

Look up the professors who teach there and what they specialize in - talk about what you'd like to work on with them. Show that you've researched the program.

There are other threads on this board that discuss this topic - try searching for them.

Just be yourself. Show why you are an asset to their program - and BE ORIGINAL.

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