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Film School Wishlist Sharing - 2021 - Transfer to BA


New Member
Hello, everyone!

I am LeNoc, a new member here. šŸ˜€
I am an international student in an east bay California college with strong grades (fairly easy in CC) and quite many extracurricular activities, and a few shorts and experimental videos made.
I am making my plan for transfer next year and plan to be active throughout the year on the forum.

Right now I feel that I have a huge gap that could be filled up with more production-based schools than UCSB and Berkeley but less competitive than LMU, UTA, and Chapman!
Tell me if you have any advice on schools. The type of school I would prefer is Medium to big size, located in or very near big cities. šŸ§

P.s. I am interested in art film/media and entertainment film, but also political science (that I think I will get a double major if I end up at UCSB or UCB).

USC - Big private college - 85% production - all film production
NYU - Big private School - 80% production - specialization second year
UCLA - Big public college - 70% production - all film
USC - Big private college - 60% production - media art + practice
LMU - medium private College - 75% production - all film
Chapman - medium private College - 75% production - all film
UTA - Huge Public College - 60% production - Media program
More reachable:
UCBerkeley - big public college - 20% production - film studies
UCSB - big public college - 30% production - film studies

Also Considering but less the profile: (NYFA, Yale, ArtCenter College of Design, Pratt)

If you are also planning for next year, I propose that you do the same and publish what you are considering too and inform each-others :cool:

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