Filmmaking during COVID

Chris W

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COVID quarantine would make a great setup for a Rear Window style film. Don't you think?

You could shoot it yourself and social distance if you had some willing neighbors across the street you could direct from afar. :)

What are some other good ideas?


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COVID is a great chance for you to find good stories that can be shot in your apartment with your roommates/family members. I was just very blessed to have all of those things.

One of my roommates is also Vietnamese, recently graduated, and unemployed. His little brother can't find a flight back home after his boarding school kicked him out in March due to COVID-19, so he has been staying with us since. They basically have been fighting on a daily basis because they had not stayed in the same room together for years lol and the situation forced both to be together. I was really blessed to have that story going on so really all I had to do was come over with my camera and awkwardly asked: "Would you mind recreating your fight from last night for me?"

I guess just look for stories around you. Plays multiple roles yourself if you don't have a roommate/family member. Would love to hear others' ideas :)

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