Good cheap film schools??? Is it possible? I'm new BTW...


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Hello, My name's Matt. I just graduated high school and starting at a community college nearby. The desired plan is to build enough credits and transfer out to good film school. Adding to that I have been making movies for about 2 years now and have a won a couple awards.

I do everything myself so I know the basics on how to edit, shoot, light, write, and direct. I hope to write and direct in the future as my primary targets.

I went to a community college because unfortunately I don't have the money for school(I'm paying $300 a SEMESTER!:) and my counselor told the easiest way to transfer is through community colleges granted not having funding. My educational ammo was about 3.5 in high school, but that'S not EVEN enough for UC's or Private schools to consider you(maybe UCM or UCR).

Now I recently talked to my counselor(twice), I came to the conclusion of UCLA and USC as my top choices since they are both close to home and very prestigious. Here are a few things I noticed:

1. I looked at the admission prices and they range from roughly $30-60,000 a year(including housing).

2. I looked at some of their "award winning" shorts and wasn't too impressed. Some grads say it was a waste of time and money and the money spent could've been used to back a picture themselves.

3. I know for a fact the film industry is a wishy-washy business. Some say experiance > education, some say education first, experiance later.

4. I know film schools are GREAT for networking and meeting new people who are creative.

That's 3 cons to one Pro.

I was wondering what are some cheap(er) schools that offer film? It seems every school that offers it comes with a high price tag. Is it possible for film education to cost less than 10,000 a year?

Forgive my naiveness, I haven't even started college yet. Thanks to anybody who comments!

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I would look in to University of North Carolina School of the Arts. It would be a cross country move for you but in-state tuition is under 10k. Out-of state is still under 30k. Also the schools set up like a production studio and you start working on a sound stage your first week of classes. 10/10
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