greetings from a very confused boy.


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I will try to keep this introduction short but all in all I am an international student (applying from India!) applying to the US, Canada and maybe UK and Prague for film school.

I also happen to be very confused about where to apply, whether XYZ school is better, which schools are good with scholarships (unlike NYU) etc.

and I know all the lovely people in this forum will help me figure it out! (Hopefully I can give back too!)

Siddhant Talwat


Hello! I am an international student, as well! :)
Applying to grad school in USA, UK, and Prague just like you!

Alok N R

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Woah, that's so cool! Where are you applying in Prague? PFS or FAMU?
Hi guys,

I am also applying to US UK and Prague. US - appllied to USC,NYU, RISD, CCC,SFSU,Syracuse,BU &Emerson. awaiting response.
UK havent started yet. Prague - Applied just to PFS , want to try FAMU as well.

I wanted to know if PFS is a good school ? I cant seem to find much info aside from their website. Is there any thread on this forum where I can find some info . would be great. Thanks.

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