Han Music Team is looking for a director/production manager to partner with

Our team has been working the last 2 years creating a contemporary pop/rock album filled with exciting songs destined for hit,even classic pop status

We are seeking a production manager/ director to assist with creating music videos and visualizing the music

Compensation -

1. Points from the album sales

2. Cover basic expenses

Team members

Han Solomon - singer composer, co producer ,experienced with live performances as a band leader and solo artist of Dreamcatcher Productions Inc

Alan Kaplan - producer, business manager (ask7international LLC)

A Stuart has solid track record as a Recording Producer and Entertainment Industry Executive; Founder of Record and Music Companies. He is an experienced musical director, creating numerous performances and music/show productions throughout the United States, and international performances in South America, UK, Japan, Israel, France (MIDEM Conference/Cannes Music Festival) and many other places.

Artist quality

Han reverently sings in a soulful, seductive high-voice,
with a range like Michael Jackson, that oozes hope for all.
This important work is a dramatic musical
journey for the listener, that is sometimes fun, light,
and uplifting, while at other times dark, serious, and sexy.
This album is a well-produced, internationally
flavored journey that plays on the listener’s emotions.

The poetic lyrics contain messages of innocent love social commentary, and spiritual meaning.

As part of the work requirement the project manager/director will part take in zoom meeting to discuss the vision, assemble the right team for the shoot, send call sheets a day prior to the shoot, overseas the shoot.
Overall, the project manager/director must ensure the proper vision for the videos

Looking forward to hearing from you

Note-Please check the following link for music demos Music Samples

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Feel free to post an ad for this on our classifieds too.


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