has anyone else noticed the changes to old films

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has anyone else noticed the changes to most films with script and actors to what they were as a film maker I watch films regularly and I have been noticing script changes to old existing films many say this is because of the Mandela effect but is it I watched wall-e last night and there were even changes in wall-e his duel front doors were now one. Field of dreams build it and they will come has become build it and he will come. Then the star wars changes I let you watch star wars to find those ones out as in first scene you find the biggest one concentrate on c3po.This is been extremely strange to me to watch movies that I have seen over the years and I know exactly what was said. Yet now I don't know what watching as anybody else noticed this? Or do you think that these extra scenes, may have been shot at the time of the conception of the film, and whether this is some giant government ploy freak out the masses. As it certainly freaks me out what you think anybody else noticed these changes. Please tell me that you know that these were done at time of shooting and that on not gone batty

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Dude you need to use capitalization, paragraphs, and your whole post is a run on sentence.

I have read that your post multiple times and I'm still not sure what you are trying to say. Extra scenes? Yes they shoot many scenes while making a movie that don't make it to the final cut and end up on the cutting room floor. This is normal.


Some movies do explicitly get changed--one obvious example being the old Star Wars movies getting edited to feature the actors from the prequels. It's also possible there are inconsistencies between different releases/reissues of a movie (theatrical vs video vs digital), like some movies get edited for television or for airplane viewing, usually for censorship and formatting but there could be other reasons (Fatal Attraction famously had a different ending that was redone after test viewers didn't like it). And as Chris says there are some movies that have a "director's cut" or alternate cut, usually featuring material that was removed for the theatrical release (Blade Runner is a classic example of this). But it has to be said too that we often misremember/misinterpret things, or when there's a gap in a memory we create something to fill it. The brain has all kinds of creative ways to get things "wrong" ;)

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