Help!SVA or SCAD?


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Hi, everyone!
I am an international student from China planning to pursue MFA FILM.
It would be of great help if you guys could share some thoughts on which one of these four I should go for.

Savannah College of Art and Design- MA/MFA Film(I am not sure the name of the program)
SVA - MFA Social Documentary

I like narrative films and I also like documentary. My ultimate goal is to become a filmmaker.
Then, of course strong industrial connection and possibility for internship/ job are taken into major consideration.
I would also hope the school has an overall positive reputation, so people won't think my degree doesn't worth much.

I've heard some people said SVA is a really good school, but for the program - social documentary, perhaps is not good enough. Someone said the professor always treat students just like slaves and they don't have too much knowledge in the class.I am really worry about this thing cause the tuition fee of SVA is really expensive and I don't want to waste of my time to help finish those professor's work. However, I still want to go to SVA because of its location, NYC is an amazing city where you will get a lot of inspiration and opportunity to find a good job.
For SCAD, I'm not sure and I am not really like its location. But I think maybe SCAD focus more on film than SVA.

Sorry for my poor English.
Pursuing a graduate degree is a huge investment, and I'm practically torn by making the final decision everyday.
So please let me know if you have anything to share.
Thanks in advance!

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