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I got accepted to Chapman Dodge Film Program, and am currently waitlisted at LMU Film School. If I get accepted into LMU, which school would you recommend from the 2 and why?
As background, I am passionate in film, but I would also like to supplement this with a dual degree in marketing/ business to help me communicate between industries. As for film in specific, I am very interested in documentary filmmaking as well as a very experimental environment.
I was also provided with a merit scholarship, and grants by Chapman. Not certain if I will get any grants from LMU due to being waitlisted.

Here is my website to get a feel for my interests.

Thanks in advance.


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I got accepted to LMU’s film production program and Chapman’s Television Writing and Production program, and I picked Chapman because it has more industry focus. Even though they are in Orange rather than LA, they still get their students plenty of opportunities. The advantage LMU has over Chapman is that it’s more diverse, and that was big thing for me. However, Chapman gave me wayyyyyyy more money. Do what you will with that.

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