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I need help finding summer film programs that serious in making films, and can also help me develop my portoflio for college. A place where i can really learn to make movies, and at the same time have a fun learning experience. Can anyone recommend me summer film programs that they have been too?

I know NYFA is really good, but its too effing expensive with boarding + tuition.

I havent heard much about USC's summer film prorgram.Is it any good/has anyone here been to it?

Does Chapman, LMU, UCLA have film programs?

I prefer summer programs in the california area (LA), but other states/areas are good too.

It would be great if someone could help me out!

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First of all, I know some people love NYFA, but you couldnt pay me to go there. I went to a informational meeting about it on the Universal lot and trust me, unless you're really into using film over digital and want to shoot on a real lot that badly, dont go to NYFA.
I used to go to U.S. Performing Arts Camps for film. Theres a beginners course at Pepperdine (a great experience, its really fun) or you can take a more advanced course at UCLA (also fun, but my group sucked and the movie was terrible.) To be perfectly honest, neither one is super advanced. But they're both fairly short, 1-2 weeks i think, and you get to make a movie from scratch in a very short time and have a lot of fun doing it. I dont know how advanced you are at this point, but I'd say if you've already got a few solid films under your belt, your best bet is to make your own summer project. Hope this helps.
How much are summer programs like you describe? $1000? $1500?

For that you'd get a crappy 5-6 minute short probably shot on video, the production of which was completed as part of a motley group, randomly assembled?

Buy a super 8 or 16mm camera and do something yourself... there's no point in paying for content restrictions and forced labor.

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Boston University has a pretty good one that I went to called ITRP. Of course I was there over 10 years ago - but I even worked as an instructor for the program when I went to school there.

Boston's a great town to go to school in.



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NYFA is expensive, but invaluable when it comes to the knowledge and real world experience you'll leave with. I've never taken it, but the people I know who have can 1st AC 35mm in their freshman year at college, so something goes right there. It's a good thing to do before school.

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