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Help! What film should I apply with?


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Hello! I am from the UK and applying to AFI, NYU and Columbia for film directing. Seeking some help!

I have two films I am considering for my visual submission:

Web - visually bold and colourful, provocative film about children doing a very gruesome act. It didn't get much awards attention but is very well made and visually striking. Probably shows lots of directorial flair but plot takes a back seat. Like Gus Van Sant's Elephant mixed with the Florida Project.


Sauce - mumblecorey film like richard linklater/joe swanberg, one-take film set in a car showing a guy and a girl early in their relationship who argue at a drive-thru because she wants to be polyamorous. Visually, very simple but well written and by far my most successful film. Has got into some very well regarded British festivals.

Now, as a director, I think Web is much more interesting and different, but Sauce is much more popular and has had proven success. Which sounds like the better film to post? Please feel free to watch them if you want! Can post the links :)


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My thoughts on this are that you should submit the one you're more passionate about. If the biggest thing the more successful film can offer is the laurels, they'll see that anyway in your resume/CV, just make it a prominent feature of the document. But the one that communicates your voice better should be the one in there

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