Hi everyone i'm new to this so i hope this is the right place....

Matt F.

New Member
I have recently decided after a few years of writing fiction stories and starting to get good feedbacks ( i haven't published my work ), that i would like to write screenplays and direct films .
I started to look into the best schools of arts/film and television in the usa like NYU's tisch and USC . My problem is lack of experience and lack of money .
Because of my lack of experience i started to look for short courses of up to a month and a half , so i could get the basic tools , and another possibility was to try and get an internship in a media company or some kind of production volunteer .
I would really like your advice , i'm not sure what is the best choice to be made first .
I'm very eager to start , i just don't know where and how .

Matt F.

New Member
No i haven't applied , like i wrote before i don't have the experience to apply .
is there any other possibility ? , i'm considered to be an international student .

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