How did you choose your username?

Chris W

Willem was robbed
Staff member
And no I really don't like Wienerschnitzel or corn dogs but if you want to change your user name from your full name to something else more anonymous I'll do it one time for you if you send me a PM.

Frankie Bones

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I don’t really know why but for some reason I tend to use “Frankie” (or some permutation of it) in my (anonymized) username on a variety of different sites (e.g., WaPo).

Again, no real rhyme or reason as to why this happened, but when coming up with the one for this site, the name of this particular DJ popped into my head. He (Frankie Bones) is not even close to being my favorite DJ, but I’ve always thought the name was cool.

And no, Frankie, or Frank, is not my actual name. For what it’s worth, no one has ever even told me I look like a “Frank” (whatever that may mean) in real life either.

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