How's the Film program at San Diego State?


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I tried looking for answers to this question online but couldn't find much. What's the undergraduate film program like at SDSU? It isn't on any ranking lists, so is this due to poor marketing or just a poor program? I went and toured the school during their open house, and I liked everything I saw, but I'm curious to hear if anyone knows more about it.

I also got into the film programs at Long Beach State and Northridge. I often hear a lot more about the film programs at those schools, so I'm considering those as well; however, SDSU is currently at the top of my list since I liked the college itself the best out of the three, and their film program seemed to be credible and had a lot of resources I could utilize. The biggest downside I found with SDSU is the fact that it's so much farther away from all of the action in LA, but I feel like San Diego is a big enough city that it wouldn't be impossible to find a suitable internship or job (there's also always the possibility of transferring or a grad school). However, if there's anything I should know about any of these three schools (but especially SDSU) I would appreciate it greatly!

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Hi! I attended undergrad at SDSU, and was between CSUN and SDSU at the time, but ultimately chose SDSU because I'm from San Diego and it just made financial sense.

I don't believe it's not on any rankings because of poor marketing. I think it's because of lack of notable alumni. We do have a couple though! Our most famous being Destin Daniel Cretton.

SDSU really values film production. You make a couple of short films, but you can get pigeonholed into a specific crew category, so if you want to be known as a director or a writer, you should make people know almost immediately. If you're interested in TV, there's maybe only one television spec screenwriting class, which wasn't there when I went, and a TV broadcasting class.

As for internships, SDSU is affiliated with KPBS so you could get an internship there. It might be a little harder to get an internship at a news station because they tend to favor journalism majors (I double majored). You could also get internships in LA over the summer.

There are definitely things I would change if I had the chance, but I came to really enjoy my last 1-2 years there because I finally got to do what I envisioned myself doing: writing scripts with the aid of a mentor.

I really can't compare it to the two other schools since I don't know what those programs are like at all, but I've heard good things about the CSUN MFA Screenwriting program. I don't regret my time at SDSU at all, and just helped me become more confident in myself and what I ultimately want to do and the people I want to hang out/create with.

If you have any other questions, let me know!

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