Introductions HS senior looking for film school advice. GA state, UT Austin, FSU


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Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I'm a high school senior who is located in Woodstock, GA ( half an hour from ATL) and I'm looking for help with college. It's a long story, but I botched my chances of going OOS as a freshman because I didn't put college on my priority list until, well basically now. I going to make this simple.

College choices: Georgia State (accepted, transfer or graduate), Kennesaw State (accepted, transfer) North Texas U (will be accepted, transfer), Florida State U (plan to transfer after 1 yr from GSU or KSU ) Texas at Austin (plan to transfer after 1 year, from UNT).

Film/ Video Experience: Focused on production. A lot of commercial shooting i.e Real Estate, Products, Interviews. A lot of live productions, I was the director of my high school's jumbo-tron for our football games and worked in SOME theater.
Fair amount of narrative work in high school video class.

Career aspirations: Franky I'm not completely sure but I could see myself free-lancing, DP-ing, documentary work (I have a strong interest in the humanities and social sciences), and live productions like concerts or sports.
To be honest I don't have my heart set on working on movies like I'm sure many of you do, but I know I want to be behind a camera and tell a story.
Thank you all so much for any help or advice you can give me.

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