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Since we're all for the most part wrapped up with applications, I thought I would make a thread to get to know the international applicants who are applying to screenwriting programs. While we make a smaller percentage of students, I thought it would be interesting to connect with you all given that there are a few other considerations we need to keep in mind before applying!

If you can introduce yourself, the programs you applied to, country, etc that would be great.

I'm Divmoh247, I identify as female, Indian and applied to the screenwriting programs at USC, UCLA and NYU (and the Stark Program)

Fernando González Ortiz

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I'm an international student from Mexico applying to producing MFAs in both NY and LA. Best of luck to everyone and I hope to meet some of you along the way.


A word of caution for International applicants without a green card (other than Mexicans and Canadians). Due the the *ahem* changing political climate, it would be unwise to count on being able to stay and work in the US after graduation.

Good luck nonetheless!


Thanks for the advice @mistah_P. I am kind of predicting that, but hoping that the network at USC is large and global enough that I don't need to rely on living in the US for work. Ultimately, i hope to be employed and i'm not really picky as to where.

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