Interviews 2012


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Hi Y'all,
I'm getting nervous waiting to hear back from schools. Let me know what schools you've applied to and if you've heard back from anyone yet.
Thanks :)
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Dang Man!

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Yeah, it's nice to confirm to myself that my applications are not in fact being thrown directly into the garbage as I often fear while lying in bed.


No kidding, I felt more or less the same when I read the e-mail today. Also, it's a great momentum builder and motivator. I hope this will be the first of many!


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Congrats everyone on getting their e-mail notifications today! They seemed to suggest most interviews are conducted on campus. Does everyone plan to visit FSU or will anyone be trying for a skype interview? How do you think FSU stacks up against the more name schools like USC, AFI, and NYU?
Hey all,

I opened my mail to see that I have been invited for an interview by FSU. It was such a relief. This is the first time I applied and am overwhelmed by the fact that I atleast got into the interview round. Congratulations to all.

BTW am a foreign student from India, so even if I do get an admission, there will be tons of visa procedures to sort out. :p
Hello to all, this is me (screenwriting applicant):

UCLA: Rejected at the beggining of January
AFI: Interviewed last week
USC/NYU/Columbia: Absolute silence...


@ignatiusreilly may I ask if you applied as an undergrad to UCLA? I thought they didn't give rejections until much later.
Im sure youll do well in the other ones you applied to. best of luck.


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I am nervous now because I haven't yet received any email from FSU whatsoever. They told me they would send an email whether I get an interview or not. Did anyone get an interview email after the 6th? Did anyone get a rejection email for that matter?

Anyways, I am applying as a transfer so it might make a difference. I just feel really confident about it because I got accepted to the largest youth film festival in the world last year and met and competed against many FSU film students and won an award on top of it. I can't imagine that FSU couldn't at least give me an interview.

Maybe I'm just getting too nervous about it haha.


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Okay, so now I realize I'm looking at the forum for graduate students. I'm going to assume FSU is starting with interviews for graduates first.


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@chasetheface ... I received an interview on the 7th for undergraduate... so I think the graduate/undergraduate interviews are given out at the same time.


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But you live in Florida right? I've found multiple undergraduates from Florida that have or have not received interviews, but I have yet to find any from out of state.

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