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So there are a bunch of wonderful threads for individual schools but there are a few less popular schools I applied to--and I am sure many of you are on the same boat (Boston University, UT Austin, Columbia College Chicago...)

I thought it might be a good idea to start a discussion sharing anything we may be hearing from schools that don't already have a thread - or even those that do! I know it may be early, so this can also serve as a support sight for now. But...after seriously combing through past threads, I found out that UT Austin started releasing acceptances one year on February 3rd. A Monday, too. Accordingly, I am refreshing my email every 2 minutes.

It's February! Let the notifications begin! Good luck to everyone.


Originally posted by edzbit:
Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has applied for UT Austin too and heard of anything from them yet?

I applied at UT Austin, and have yet to hear anything.

I just got an email for an interview at UCLA.
I've heard nothing so far. Really hoping that's not a bad sign (especially from schools like UCLA, USC and FSU that give earlier feedback).

I did receive an e-mail from USC saying they were missing a transcript that they needed to complete my evaluation, but beyond that...nothing. Nervous time.
Applied for USC Screenwriting, UCLA Directing. Heard nothing from UCLA. Received an e-mail from USC about a missing transcript. Called in, they asked for a transcript for a school that I never attended. Turns out that one of the schools I attended had the same ID as another. They fixed it and said they were sending my application over to Cinematic Arts. Super nervous now.
Yeah, couple of reasons. One, there's no way I could possibly afford a 3-4 year directing program at USC.

Next, UCLA has a fellowship that comes with a $15k stipend and first year tuition waiver. Qualified candidates may have their fellowship extended into the second year also.

Third: the fact that the UC system won't let you apply to two graduate programs. I tried, they shot me down. Otherwise, I would've applied for both screenwriting and directing at UCLA.

Fourth: I went to USC's information session in New York. Brian Harke, Dean of Students, really played up the writing program (my strong suit anyway) and I was sold.


Hey Guys,

got accepted at Columbia College, Chicago! Together with a Graduate Follett Merit Award, which covers most of tuition. Still waiting to hear back from other schools, but with that scholarship, it is very likely I go to Chicago, money-wise...


After losing all hope with interviews going out for NYU and acceptances already going out for CC Chicago and UT Austin I got an early acceptance email from American University. Also an ambigious merit award...they are still reviewing applications and nothing is finalized yet. Yeah! Good luck to all of you! AU is definitely still in tge running if any of you applied!
NYU - Rejected
FSU - Interview
LMU - Accepted

Haven't heard back from any other schools which, at this point, probably means rejections from UCLA, USC, Columbia.


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@AlexBSU I was waitlisted at LMU. Any idea what the difference between provisionally accepted and waitlisted is? Congrats on USC! Still waiting to hear final word from them this week.
Originally posted by nyc222:
@AlexBSU I was waitlisted at LMU. Any idea what the difference between provisionally accepted and waitlisted is? Congrats on USC! Still waiting to hear final word from them this week.

Provisionally accepted is basically "you're accepted as long as you don't completely screw up in school from here on out/the info you gave us is completely accurate". I believe they only initially give out provisional acceptances.

I was provisionally accepted online, but received a letter in the mail informing me to send in a signed letter indicating my intent to enroll in the school next year.

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