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Is all hope lost for my USC MFA application?


Hey guys sorry for the dramatic title hahaha this is more of a vent because I already know there's nothing that can be done, but just wanted to get it out here.

Before requesting my transcript to be sent to USC, I waited until the last day of my semester (which was also my last semester as I've completed all units) so that it would reflect my graduation. This was mid October of 2020, so it was already cutting it quite close to USC's November application deadline as they usually take around a month (I'm an international student.) Anyway, I assumed my graduation status would be reflected on the transcript. But it seems they had not yet processed my graduation status because of how near it was to my last day of class. I just received this email from USC:

"Greetings from the University of Southern California. We have received your application for graduate study but are unable to proceed because of important items or information missing from your file. These items are listed below:
Final, official university-issued transcript showing all completed course work and the conferral of your degree. The transcript currently on file was issued before the completion of your program.
Please send the requested items within 2 weeks to our office per the instructions posted on our website here."

So after calling my school to order another one that now reflects my graduation status and panicking A LOT, it seems office work and work-from-home arrangements are currently suspended in my Filipino university because of the recent typhoon Ulysses (due to flooding and power outages). The only administrative work and offices that are currently open are finance, ITS, security, health and safety, and relief work.

So yeah I do not believe I would be able to order another transcript that would reach them in time within 2 weeks, as they have not yet announced when office work will resume. Feels pretty bad to be rejected even before they've had a chance to review my application. Oh well :/

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